Our work policies cover, Quality Policy, Occupational Health & Safety Policy, Environmental Policy, Industrial Relations Policy, Rehabilitation Policy

Quality Policy

Citilink Piling offers a vast range of foundation and engineering solutions to various construction sectors, we are committed to carrying out all our activities in a sustainable manner. As part of this commitment, we aim to continuously improve our operations, focus on customers / clients and comply with regulations. The company’s quality program is based on the following principles:

Ensure that customers are provided with high quality products and services which meet requirements and specifications.
Applying AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 to daily business operations. Develop management and staff skills through review and actively seeking improvements in the training policy, the objective of which is to prepare staff to perform their work more efficiently. Promote a culture of quality within the business by continuously engaging with employees and clients.
Apply rigorous controls for the supply, installation and completion of all projects. Promote quality management systems and certify that efficient implementation is achieved through internal auditing, management reviews, corrective and preventative action.

All employees are responsible for the quality within the company and for maintaining high standards.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Safety is principal at Citilink Piling. Safety of our employees and its stakeholder’s whom may be involved/affected by our activities is of utmost importance.

We are committed to the implementation, continued improvement and integration of the Occupational Health & safety (OH&S) Policy into our company’s objectives. We recognise its fundamental correlation to maximising productivity and growth.

Our OH & S objectives incorporate the following:

  • Endeavour to attain an incident free workplace.
  • Provide mechanical and physical safeguards where possible.
  • Ensure that safety is considered throughout the lifetime of the project and in the workplace.
  • Consult with employees about safety issues, concerns, upgrades and processes.
  • Train all employees in safe work practices and procedures.
  • Be proactive in creating a safe working culture within the company which is achieved through training, consultation and procedures.
  • Apply risk management procedures in daily activities of the company, to identify, assess, eradicate and control possible risks and hazards.
  • Adhere to relevant OH & S standards, requirements and legislation.
  • Focus on meeting the requirements of the AS/NZS: 4801 through integration, evaluation and monitoring of the OH&S Management System pertaining to our company.

This policy shall apply to Citilink Piling and all its staff, contractors, workshops and sites.

Industrial Relations Policy

Distinction and excellence is attained through the quest to combine a sound industrial relations policy into the objectives of the company. With this belief, Citilink Piling believes that to be competitive and to provide job security for its employees, the following industrial relations objectives have been accrued and moulded into our daily activities:

  • Constant monitoring of the external and internal environment including employees, subcontractors, suppliers and the community.
  • Promote the active involvement of employees in regards to industrial relations.
  • Assist in applying suitable regulation of employment through the use of awards, enterprise agreements and other industrial instruments.
  • Providing flexibility, productivity and efficiency through the implementation of pay fairness, work duties, which in turn, present a framework which supports fairness and equality.
  • Be proficient in offering support for the resolution of disputes by conciliation, if required, through arbitration in a punctual and fair manner.

Environmental Policy

Citilink Piling is committed to leading the industry in minimising the impact of its activities on the environment.

The focal points of its approach in order to achieve this are:

  • Continuously evaluating operations and ensuring they continue to remain efficient as possible to ensure minimal waste.
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation.
  • Careful selection of fleet and its source of power to minimise toxic emissions.
  • Meet or exceed relevant environmental legislation that relates to the company.
  • Employ an accredited program to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our company’s activities.
  • Implementation of a training program for its employees to raise awareness of the environmental issues and enlist their support in improving the company’s performance.

Citilink Piling accepts responsibility for the harmful effects its operations have on local environments and is committed to reducing them. Through measuring its impact Citilink Piling has implemented the above initiatives as a mitigation strategy for minimising the impact of its activities.

Citilink Piling environmental management system applies to all operations and services. All staff are expected to comply with the spirit of this policy in the context of our organisation.

Rehabilitation Policy

Citilink Piling recognises that there are substantial benefits to be gained from rehabilitation principles and practices and is committed to implementing them at our workplace. We are also committed to providing essential occupational rehabilitation for employees who have sustained a work – related injury, illness or disability.

The Worker’s Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 and the Worker’s Compensation and Rehabilitation Regulation 2003 provide the means for the legislative support for our workplace rehabilitation activities.

Workplace rehabilitation includes early provision of timely and adequate services, including suitable duties programs. Experience has shown that early intrusion with helpful rehabilitation practices provides and physical, psychological and social benefit to employees.

Our aims in rehabilitation are:

  • In the event of an injury or an illness, implementing workplace rehabilitation is commenced as soon as possible in accordance with medical advice.
    Ensure that fitting duties are available to injured or ill workers to facilitate their safe and early return to work.
  • Make certain that all workers are aware that in the event of injury or illness, employees will be consulted to ensure a positive, structured return to work that will not disadvantage them.
  • Comply with legislative requirement with reference to rehabilitation.
  • Continuous review of policy and procedures to ensure that it meets requirements.

This policy shall apply to all employees of Citilink Piling.