The Citilink approach to sustainability is an integrated but simple one. Sustainability to us means meeting present needs without compromising future needs (the future needs of our environment and those of people to be accommodated safely). By providing the safest, longest lasting and thought through design solutions, we are building for the long term and avoiding waste of resources. By caring for our clients, our people, our environment and our community, we are also building a solid base for the future sustainability of our own business.

Sustainability goals

At Citilink, our focus is on making a difference today and into the future. Sustainability for our business and for the planet is something we prioritise in all that we do. We give our people the skills and support they need to lead an inclusive and diverse team. We help improve our community by investing in staff diversity, environment, education and innovation. We employ graduates and young people within our communities, offer traineeships and build community partnerships through sponsorship of key initiatives with our people donating time, money and services to local causes.

Our clients

Citilink Piling prides itself on its partnering approach to projects. By collaborating with clients from before a tender is prepared, we aim to add value by ensuring our clients are in turn offering their clients the safest, most innovative and cost-effective piling solutions to support the successful completion of their project.

Our people

The Citilink Piling team is comprised of individuals who are all committed to delivering outstanding outcomes for their clients. From our project managers, engineers, and operations, to office support staff, our dedication to exceptional client service drives continuous innovations, research and performance which often results in time and cost savings for clients.We recognise and value our team members' dedication and support their ongoing personal and professional development through up skilling and training opportunities throughout their careers.

Our environment

Whether working in a greenfields site or in the bustling city centre, we work hard to minimise the environmental impact of our operations. Our methods and equipment are carefully selected - based not just on ground conditions and job specifications - but on the impact of noise, vibration and disruption to surrounding structures, people and wildlife populations, and the natural environment.

Our community

Citilink Piling values the communities in which it works and strives to leave a positive impression. By supporting local charity and supporting groups - as well as encouraging young and aspiring engineers - we aim to leave a positive legacy in the areas in which we work.


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Community & charities

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